Wine and blueberries

It’s always a tough weekend when you go on a wine tour with your husband, sleep in (which never happens with 3 kids), and pick fresh blueberries. Notice I didn’t mention any running in there.  It was a rare weekend without running. Should there have been running? Probably. Could there have been running? Probably. There were many years where this would have led to guilt and regret on my part. Nowadays, I just take it in stride.  My husband forgot running shoes. Was it crucial for me to ditch him in a hotel room on our anniversary weekend so I could get 10 miles in? (Granted I am not training for the marathon this year, but still.)

As runners we tend to over think everything.  Literally everything.  Down to the tiniest detail.  Should I eat this protein bar now or in 5 minutes?  Should I go to the bathroom before I warm up or after?  I wish it was 5 degrees warmer outside, or maybe 3 degrees colder.  Should I wear gloves and a head band or just gloves? I’ve hear this debate take 10 minutes amongst runners. Most of the time, we truly believe these very small details can make or break us having a good race or a good run. And in a few cases, maybe they matter, but most of the time, if we step back and have a bigger perspective on something, it probably won’t matter. I say, don’t stress about it! Enjoy life as it comes your way (and sometimes gets in the way of your running). You know how hard you are working, so if stuff gets in the way, relax, take a deep breath and move on.

I moved on by making myself wake up at 5:30am this morning and getting in a 6 mile tempo. It’s not my usual Monday morning routine, but hey, if wine and blueberries are what mattered on the weekend, then it was time to make this matter to start my week. By 6:30, I was stretching and the weekend was behind me. I was happy with what I had just accomplished and ready to start my work day. Having perspective, staying positive and believing in the hard work you do is what is going to keep you going. Our sport is tough enough without beating yourself up about the small things.


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