Stress Relief

Life can be crazy and sometimes I am at a loss of what to do to make it manageable. There are times I throw myself into my work and believe it should take precedence over everything else so that I will get stuff done and feel better. Other times I look at a big pile on my desk and revolt by ignoring it and saying it will get done in due time. Then there is the hectic nature of home life and having three kids to feed and entertain and get to soccer or t-ball, homework, etc. My head spins just thinking of it all.

The question for me has always been not just how do I fit my running and workout schedule into such a chaotic schedule, but should I? Should I feel guilty running at lunch during work? Is it okay to spend another hour away from kids to go for a run when I already work full time? Am I being selfish to go to bed early instead of spending time with my husband just because I have an early workout planned? I think these questions just highlight the point that exercising and training for something, running and working out, they take focus and dedication. It can feel overwhelming, but in the end, it makes me feel better and gives me more productivity at work and gives me the balance I need in my life to feel positive.

It is also important to remind yourself that it doesn’t always have to be a long session. If you really do have a lot on your plate, then maybe a quick half hour won’t hurt to be away from your desk and rejuvenate your productivity. Plenty of studies have been done on this subject and getting even a small bout of exercise in is better for you than nothing. If it’s better for you, it’s likely better for your work performance as well as your loved ones surrounding you.

Giving yourself moments to work out, or even not work out (if you’re indulging in something else) is better for you in the long run. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy those moments with your loved ones and feel accomplished with a clear head at work, instead of resenting these things. The goal is to make each day feel like a blessing instead of an obligation.


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